Spotlight Issue 1 - Service Delivery Review

Mississippi Mills has Conducted a Service Delivery Review

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is pleased to announce the undertaking of a Service Delivery Review to assess and identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of municipal services.

What is a Service Delivery Review?

A Service Delivery Review involves a systematic evaluation of municipal services to determine the most appropriate way to provide those services. The Review will produce a set of recommendations on how the Municipality of Mississippi Mills can deliver better, more efficient services to the community now, and in the long-term. 

How is it being funded?

The Municipality received funding from Ontario’s Municipal Modernization Program for this Review. This provincial program aims to support municipal transformations towards modernized service delivery in a sustainable way. Mississippi Mills received $625,944 from which the Municipality has chosen to conduct a Service Delivery Review. The Review will break down how these funds can best be used to improve service delivery while maximizing investments.  

This Service Delivery Review looks into departments and service areas of the Municipality

All departments and service areas of the Municipality has been reviewed.  The Mississippi Mills Library Board with branches in Almonte and Pakenham also participated in the project. 

What is the process and timeline?

The review process included consultation with members of Council, staff and user groups to identify improvement opportunities. The consultants looked at both the Municipality’s internal structure and ways to collaborate with Lanark County and neighbouring municipalities.

The consultants have completed their review and have presented their findings to Council. To view the report please click on the link below.
Strategy Corps Final Report to Council

A Special Council meeting was held on October 27, 2021 for Council to deliberate and discuss the recommendations from the Service Delivery Review staff report. To view the report and agenda, and watch the recorded meeting, please click on the link below.
Special Council Agenda October 27, 2020