Spotlight - Policing and Law Enforcement

Police Services in Mississippi Mills

In Mississippi Mills, police services are provided through the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The Police Services Act legislates policing in Ontario and authorizes the OPP to provide:

  • Crime prevention
  • Law enforcement
  • Assistance for victims of crime
  • Public order maintenance
  • Emergency response

Community Involvement

Mississippi Mills has a Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC) made up of members from the public and members of Council.  The CPAC provides independent community guidance, helps with public education, identifying community priorities, liaising with the OPP and is a venue for communication with the Detachment Commander.  CPAC can not have authority over the budget or negotiate the OPP contract.  The OPP provides reports on policing issues and initiatives to the Committee during the scheduled meeting.  Neither CPAC, the Mayor or Council is permitted to direct the OPP to take action on any specific matters.  The Solicitor General has also indicated CPACs and the local objectives and priorities must not be inconsistent with the OPP strategic plan:

  • Must not relate to specific investigations / conduct of specific operations
  • Must not require a member of the OPP to provide any policies not required as a component of adequate and effective policing.
  • Support government’s commitment to strengthen public confidence in policing.
  • Demonstrate respect for front line policing.
  • Deliver quality and effective policing while also realizing better value for money.

CPAC meetings address citizen concerns and are open to the public, to learn more about CPAC and their meetings please reach out to the municipality by email.

Provincial legislation on policing is changing.  The CPAC is exploring ways to best serve and advocate for the needs of our community. 

Municipal By-law Enforcement

The OPP do not enforce municipal bylaws in Mississippi Mills.  The only bylaw they may enforce is the ATV bylaw.  Some municipalities, particularly if they have a Municipal Police force like Ottawa, may have the police enforce municipal bylaws.  Police services like ours do not.   

In Mississippi Mills, bylaw issues are to be reported to the municipality directly to investigate concerns such as:

  • Noise
  • Property standards
  • Littering and Dumping
  • Fences
  • Portable Signs
  • Dogs/Animal Control
  • Parking
  • Other matters concerning the Municipality’s By-laws