Pitch In


What is Pitch-In day?

Pitch-in day is an annual community clean-up day. Individuals and groups clean up litter on their local streets, parks and neighbourhoods. 

Do I have to register for Pitch-In?

No, but please call (613) 256-1077 to let us know how many bags you need and where you cleaned so we can arrange for pick up.

Who gives out bags?

Bags are available at the Almonte Old Town Hall and other community locations. 

Where do I clean up?

You can choose any area that you like - a park, a sidewalk, the block and around your workplace. Put all your pitch in bags out for regular pick up. 

Can I use my own garbage bags or do I have to use the yellow Pitch-In bags?

Please use the Pitch In bags where possible. The yellow bags are easily tracked as part of the event.

Do I have to sign up for the whole day?

No, you can do as much or as little as you like. All help is appreciated. 

Do I have to be with a group, or can I do it on my own?

Lots of people do it on their own; others recruit family, friends or neighbours to help them.

Will you drop off supplies to my house?


Can I leave the filled bags with my regular garbage pickup/on the side of the road?


Do you provide pick-up sticks /heavy gloves/gloves in children's sizes ?


I live outside the Town of Mississippi Mills area. What do I do with my garbage?

You have to make your own disposal arrangements.

There is an area in my neighbourhood that is full of litter. Can you send someone to clean it up?

No, Pitch-In day is a voluntary community activity. We cannot assign people to clean up your neighbourhood. You can call the Recreation and Culture Department if you have a suggestion for an area that needs attention. You may also wish to organize a group of your neighbours to help clean it up.

Can I collect recycling materials for Pitch-In Day?

No, we do not pick up blue box materials to be recycled. If the items are fairly clean and safe to pick up, (e.g., empty plastic pop bottles) you may wish to take them home and put them in your blue box. Old cardboard, newspaper, rusted cans, etc. which have been exposed to the elements are too contaminated to be recycled, and so should be treated as garbage.

What do I do with old paint cans, batteries, tires, stoves etc?

Click here for information on the disposal of hazardous waste items and large items.

My neighbours dumped old sofas and garbage bags on the sidewalk when they moved out. Are these items going to be picked up on Pitch-In day?

No, Pitch-In day is not meant to replace proper disposal of household items. It focuses on cleaning up litter in public spaces.

The Beautification Committee would like to invite you to participate in Five-Minute Fridays. Every Friday, take five minutes to pick up garbage during your morning walk to school, to work, or when exercising. Or take five minutes to tidy up the area in front of your store or home every Friday: winter, summer, spring and fall.

The Public Works Department will pick up garbage from the various receptacles throughout our Municipality on Friday afternoons, giving our communities a cleaner face for our weekend visitors.