Curbside Garbage Collection



Waste collection and disposal costs are expensive and fill up landfills. Because much of it is actually reusable, recyclable or compostable it wastes valuable resources. So do your part - waste less!

Each household can place one (1) waste container/bag out for curbside collection without a bag tag.  All garbage bags must weigh less than 16 kg (33 lbs).  Should you need to place a second waste container/bag at curbside, a bag tag is required.  Any colour of Mississippi Mills tags are still valid and can be used for the additional bags.

Tags can be purchased ($2 each) from:

  • Municipal Office 3131 Old Perth Road 
  • Clayton General Store Clayton 
  • Nicholson's Sundries Pakenham

Per By-Law No. 13-56, all waste and recycle for curbside collection must be set out by 7:00 am on your collection day to guarantee pickup.


Download Curbside Collection Map & Schedule.

Download Container and Bag information for curbside collection.

Mississippi Mills Waste Management & Collection By-Law 13-56