Community in Bloom


Communities in Bloom is more than just flowers!

Communities In Bloom is a Canadian beautification and environmental awareness program that provides information and education in order to instill civic pride and community appreciation of our surroundings.

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills began participating in this competitive program in 2011, and received a 4 bloom rating last year! In 2012 the Beautification Committee will be working hard to help raise this to 5.

The Communities in Bloom program encourages residents and businesses of municipalities to take pride in their communities, and each year participants are judged on their efforts in 8 different categories, including: Tidiness, Community Involvement, Environmental Effort, Natural and Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscaped Areas, Floral Displays, and Turf and Groundcover Areas.

This civic pride program has helped Mississippi Mills to blossom, and it is because of the efforts of the local Beautification Committee that is made up entirely of volunteers.

For more information visit the Canadian Communities in Bloom website.