Applications, Licenses and Permits


The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is responsible for issuing a wide variety of licenses and permits.

For costs associated with applying for and obtaining licenses and permits please refer to the Fee Schedule.

Seasonal Stand/Mobile Canteen/Fresh Produce Stand Licence

For Seasonal Stands, Mobile Canteens, or Fresh Produce Stands please refer to By-law 19-48. 

Application forms can be downloaded below, and dropped off at the Municipal Office.  

Municipally Significant Events

The AGCO administers the Special Occasion Permit (SOP) program, which allows for the sale and service of alcohol on special occasions, such as cash bars at weddings or private receptions, as well as larger scale events that are open to the public, such as charity fundraisers.

In order to be deemed an event of municipal significance, it requires a designation by the municipality in which the event will take place.  SOP applications for a municipally significant Public Event must be accompanied by a letter from a delegated municipal official designating the event as municipally significant.

Please include the following information when you are applying for a Municipally Significant event:

-       Your name and contact information, including address
-       Name and details of event
-       Location of event
-       Date and time of event
-       Number of occupants (guests & staff)
-       Will the event be held outside?
-       Will tents, trailers or structures be used? If so include a site plan
-       Will alcohol be served?
-       Will food be provided?
-       Safety provisions taken
-       Any other details that may pertain to the event

Your event details will be circulated to the Building, Planning, Public Works, Fire, OPP and Health unit departments for their information and approval.

For further information regarding AGCO Municipally Significant Events please visit the AGCO website at

Requests for municipal letters can be sent to the Clerk's office at 3131 Old Perth Road, PO Box 400, Almonte ON K0A 1A0 or emailed to, using the following application form.

Retail Business Holidays Act

The Retail Business Holidays Act requires businesses to be closed on public holidays unless they are exempted.  The holidays to which the Act applies are:

.         New Year's Day

.         Family Day

.         Good Friday

.         Easter Sunday

.         Victoria Day

.         Canada Day

.         Labour Day

.         Thanksgiving Day

.         Christmas Day

Boxing Day and the Civic Holiday in August are not public holidays under this Act and therefore an exemption is not required for those days.

Council may permit businesses to be open on holidays if the tourism criteria are met

The Act provides that Council may permit retail business establishments to open on holidays for the maintenance or development of tourism.  A by-law may be passed only if there is compliance with the tourism criteria set out in Ontario Regulation 711/91 Tourism Criteria (the "Regulation") under the Act.  In addition, even if the tourism criteria are met, Council is not required to pass the by-law and may exercise its discretion to refuse the application.

Section 2 of the Regulation provides that a business can be exempted if:

.         It is located within two (2) kilometers of a tourist attraction; and

.         It is directly associated with the tourism attraction or relies on tourists visiting the attraction for business on a holiday


For the purposes of Section 2, a tourist attraction is limited to:

.         Natural attractions or outdoor recreational attractions;

.         Historical attractions; and

.         Cultural, multi-cultural or educational attractions


Attached are the Municipality's Procedure and Application form for businesses to use if they would like to be considered for an exemption to the Act.

     Download -  Retail Business Holidays Act Procedure