Planning Department

The Planning Department establishes policies, regulations and standards guiding land use and development in Mississippi Mills and ensures compliance with provincial building regulations.

The Planning Department deals with all matters that fall under the Planning Act including plans of subdivisions, consents, official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, minor variances, and site plan control.


The Town of Mississippi Mills Zoning By-law 11-83 regulates the use of land and the erection, use, bulk, height and spacing of and other matters relating to buildings and structures. It also prohibits certain uses of land and the erection and use of certain structures in the Town.

Zoning Maps

Agricultural (A) Zone

Rural (RU) Zone

Residential First Density (R1) Zone

Residential Second Density (R2) Zone

Residential Third Density (R3) Zone

Residential Fourth Density (R4) Zone

Rural Residential (RR) Zone

Limited Service Residential (LSR) Zone

Agricultural Commercial (C1) Zone

Downtown Commercial (C2) Zone

Highway Commercial (C3) Zone

Shopping Centre Commercial (C4) Zone

Rural Commercial (C5) Zone

Tourist Commercial (C6) Zone

Local Commercial (C7) Zone

Village Core (V) Zone

Business Park (E1) Zone

Light Industrial (M1) Zone

Medium Industrial (M2) Zone

Agricultural Industrial (M3) Zone

Rural Industrial (M4) Zone

Community Facility (I) Zone

Parkland and Open Space (OS) Zone

Mineral Aggregate Pit (MP) Zone

Mineral Aggregate Quarry (MQ) Zone

Mineral Aggregate Reserve (MR) Zone

Environmental Hazard (EH) Zone

Environmental Protection (EP) Zone

Development (D) Zone

 Waste Disposal (WD) Zone


Community Official Plan

The Mississippi Mills Community Official Plan (COP) is a legal document containing the goals, objectives and policies which guide the development, growth and change of the Town of Mississippi Mills. This Plan is intended to assist Town Council and its various committees, municipal staff, developers, government agencies and the public in their efforts to maintain and strengthen the environmental, economic, physical and social fabric of the Town of Mississippi Mills.

Official Plan Schedules