How many Trees Can You Plant This Year?

Posted on Friday April 21, 2017

The Ontario Green Leaf Challenge

Ontario is partnering with families, community organizations and businesses across the province to reach its goal of planting six million trees this year to promote cleaner air and help fight climate change.

Ontario's Green Leaf Challenge calls on the public to get involved in making the province a greener, cleaner place to live. The initiative is supported by Forests Ontario and the province, and honours Ontario's 150th anniversary. Each year, Ontario plants approximately three million trees under its 50 Million Tree Program (50MTP), and the government is now challenging the public to match its target in 2017.

Individuals, organizations and businesses can participate by planting a tree, participating in a community tree planting event or making a donation to have a tree planted on their behalf, and can track their progress at  The website allows people to register their trees on an interactive map and access resources, support and events in their communities.

The Green Leaf Challenge and 50MTP are part of Ontario's efforts to improve air quality across the province by planting new trees to remove approximately 6.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2050 - the equivalent of taking 1.1 million cars off the road for an entire year.


  • The best time to plant trees in Ontario is in the spring, between April and June.
  • More than 65 conservation agency partners across Ontario work with Forests Ontario to deliver the 50 MTP.
  • Ontario initiated the 50 MTP in 2008 as part of its ongoing commitment to fight climate change by planting 50 million trees by 2025 and establishing new forests across Ontario.
  • More than 22.5 million trees have been planted in Ontario under the 50 MTP so far, creating over 12,000 hectares of new forests.
  • Under the 50 MTP, planting sites must be at least one hectare in size to be eligible and receive funding support. More than 4,000 landowners have taken part in the 50 MTP to date.
  • The Green Leaf Challenge does not have any land size restrictions.