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Mississippi Mills Municipal Office

3131 Old Perth Rd Box 400
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Beautification Newsletter Winter 2013
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The purpose of the Beautification Committee is to enhance the area with public art, banners, flower and tree plantings, maintenance and clean-up projects, and to encourage community pride.
The goal of this newsletter is to let you know what the Beautification Committee does for the community and to make you aware of areas where you can get involved. Look for the ***, which indicates where help is needed.

Current Members of the Beautification Committee:
Lea-Anne Solomonian (Almonte)
Carol Kenward (Almonte)
Pat Vetter (Almonte)
Joachim Moenig (Almonte)
Julie Yeaman (Almonte suburbs)
Jenny Doyle (Clayton)
Cornelius Berg (Blakeney)
Fern Martin (Pakenham)
Betty Waterman  (Appleton)
Alex Gillis (Town Councillor)
Tiffany MacLaren (MM Community Economic and Cultural Coordinator)
Bonnie Hawkins (MM staff)

This year, the committee has focused on "Tidiness and Trees."

Spring 2013 Articles


- Arbour Week

- Spring Updates

- Pitch-In

- Tree Sale

Winter 2013 Articles

- Tidiness

- Trees

- Schools

- Gardens

- Fundraising

If you have any questions or comments on this newsletter please contact Tiffany MacLaren, Community Economic and Cultural Coordinator.